• Use the cloud

    The cloud has the potential to save you money and to improve business resources

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  • Balanced Billing!

    Get your I.T. budget under control along with the computers.

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  • Managed Services

    Make I.T. work for you not against you.

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  • Discount Toner at low Toner and Ink prices

    Managed Print Services

    Save money on toner and ink, by reducing your time and effort.

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Managed Services






Takes the worry out of your I.T. needs

24/7 Monitoring: Our automated monitoring station looks at your servers, network equipment and PC around the clock

Proactive Repairs: Using the information from our 24/7 monitoring, we are able to make many repairs and corrections proactively before you have a failure or outage

Less Downtime: By being proactive, we will reduce the amount of downtime that you would otherwise experience

Protection of your valuable data: Our managed backup solutions insure that your data is available when you need it. We provide local, multigenerational backups as well as offsite backup and we can even back your data up in different cloud locations.

Reduced overall costs: Managed services pays for itself by reducing your total cost of I.T. to your business. By being proactive we can eliminate many costly repairs and the cost of recovering from failures.

Balanced billing

Carry over Unused support Hours: Much like your cell phone plan, if you don't use all of the time you bought you can carry it over to next month

Borrow against future hours: Even better than your cell phone plan, if you use too many hours you can just borrow from next month

Guaranteed response time: When you are on a balance billing program, you receive guaranteed 3 hour emergency response time

Work is guaranteed: I.T. Results stands behind our work and we will make sure that you are satisfied

Managed Print Services

Managed print services is easily a win-win-win situation for most companies.

Properly used MPS can reduce costs, reduce non-productive chores maintaining printers and supplies, decrease printer consumables surprise outages, and increase your ability to budget I.T. costs.

The cloud is in your future

There are many cloud technologies and services

The cloud is a very broad marketing buzz word for many different service offerings. To make good decisions you need to be able to distinguish between the advertising claims and the technology.

Successful business will utilize the cloud properly

Success in business has always depended on making good financial decisions. On utilizing the most cost effective way of delivering your product or service. The "Cloud" is a force in today's business technology

The cloud can reduce the cost of your I.T.

Properly and judiciously used, the right cloud services can provide a cost saving to your company and can reduce the cost of doing business

The cloud makes I.T. management more complicated

There is no one solution fits all needs, you will need to navigate between multiple offerings as well as possibly including locally hosted solutions. These add complexity and all are not necessarily compatible