Balanced Billing


For those customers that are not ready to resolve all of their computer issues, and would prefer to stay in a more traditional support arrangement, but still would like to avoid surprises in the monthly bill. We offer Balance Billing:  Like flat rate, you will pay one price each month.  Unlike flat rate, actions that you take to reduce the need for computer support will reduce your monthly cost.  Balanced billing is like cell phone roll over minutes.  You purchase a fixed number of hours each month and your unused hours are carried over for future use.  Unlike the rollover plans you have seen, balanced billing will allow you to borrow time from future months if you have used all of the hours available to you.

With balanced billing you can still receive guaranteed response time.  Under most plans, we will respond within 3 hours or the service is free. 

With I.T. Results, our work is guaranteed.  We stand behind our performance.  Unlike our competition, if for some unusual circumstance a tech made a mistake or overlooked something and we have to return to address the same problem again, there is no charge for the second visit.  We have had new customers remark that even though we charge a higher rate than the company they were using, we are cheaper because we fix it the first time and they don’t have to keep bringing us back.