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Business Continuity


Disasters will happen: It might take years, but sooner or later life will catch up with your business.  It might be a hurricane, fire, or flood,  or it could be some employee going “Postal” on you.  It is not possible to anticipate every possible scenario but it is possible to have flexibility built into a plan to keep running in spite of adversity.

Companies have different tolerances for interruption.  Some companies could close their doors for a week and very few people would take note. Most companies will begin to permanently loose customers is they are closed for very long, and many will irrevocably loose revenue if they aren’t available during their normal business hours.  For example if a person’s car is low on gas and their regular station is closed, they will buy from a competitor.  The revenue for that tank of gas is forever lost to because the station is closed.  Assuming that is a brief outage, it probably won’t affect the person’s future purchases. 

Using the same analogy, if the store is closed for a month, the person may get into the habit of making routine purchases elsewhere.  In this case the store will experience the loss of future revenues.  If this occurs for many of their customers, they could be at risk of business failure when they finally reopen.

I.T. Results Business Continuity planning deals with these issues and others such as cost, recovery, and multi-tiered service levels.  Each company is different, and the style of each owner is different, for this reason a one-size-fits-all approach results in the same poor fit in continuity planning as it does in clothing.

With Business Continuity your business will be able to respond as you desire.   For some this will be to “hunker down” and wait for sunnier days or others it be to keep business as usual and for the few it could be seen as an opportunity to expand revenues and expand.

I.T Results consultant will begin with helping you understand and define possible issues that will affect your company.  Some are obvious, such as fire, flood, or tornado. Some may not quickly come to mind, such as theft, deliberate destruction by a disgruntled employee, etc.  We will then help you identify your tolerance to disruption and a plan to deal with each type of threat.  Many times prevention may be the most practical while others will focus on preparation and response.  A good business continuity plan is not just technical in substance but involves the entire company and its employees.  We will help you create, deploy and test your business continuity plan at the company level as well as support the technical implementation and response.