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Do you believe your data is safe in the cloud?

unsafe cloudIf you lose data that will cost you $ 1 million in lost business, or $200,000 to recreate how much of that cost will your cloud provider pay?  Most Cloud providers will put no skin in the game and those that do limit their losses to the monthly fee you paid.

Major companies have been hacked and sensitive information stolen or compromised. Bank account numbers and access information is traded on the internet black market.

Do you really believe your data is safe sitting on your server in the office?

Hard disk crash and fail, Solid State devices have a clear maximum number of writes before they fail, and certainly can fail for other reasons well before that time.

Computer equipment is stolen every day; expensive server equipment is more tempting that the desktops sitting around the office.

If a server is stolen, your valuable data goes out the door with it.

Data is subject to logical destruction even if is physically intact.  Files get deleted, and overwritten.  Incorrect information can be propagated throughout the database. Viruses and other Malware or even program bugs can delete or destroy the data on your server’s disk.

Do you think your backup is safe in that fire safe?

Most safes are rated based on protecting paper and documents.  The contents may not burn, but they may be subjected to steam and other environmental factors that can easily damage electronics and magnetic media rendering them useless even if they don’t burn.

The backup is only as good as the data that was put on it, was the information correct when it was written or had it been corrupted.  Can you really restore information from the backup?  When was the last time you tried?Data

These and other techniques for protection of data can and have all failed?

Data mirroring to duplicate disks, replication to an alternate site all fail to protect against data corruption.  You just corrupt your data in both places.

Disconnecting all computers from the Internet would make them safer, but not totally safe and in any event it would drastically reduce their value.

Since everything fails, does it mean there is not a solution?

Of course there is a solution, but it requires a multi-disciplined approach.  The solution is not based on a single technique, but a combination of those techniques.  One will address the weakness of another. 

The idea is to eliminate single points of failure.  If your data is irrevocably lost when a single problem occurs, then you have no real protection.  One the other hand it is far less likely that multiple disasters will occur at the same time, so by using a combination of protection methods we can avoid the loss of your data. 

You might have redundancy of the storage media in your server, but you need to have multi-generational backups to overcome corruption of the data, and you might put a copy of your data on the cloud to avoid loss due to theft, fire or other local disaster.  You would use encryption techniques to further impede hacking of the data on the cloud.

If it is important, and protection of your data is important then you will need to monitor the process and test the results to help assure that you are actually performing these activities and that they will be effective when you find that you need them.  Far too frequently, backups are put in place and forgotten until a disaster happened. For any of a hundred reasons, the backup may stop working and an unmonitored backup could go unnoticed for years.

There is not one solution to meet companies’ backup needs.  The solution must provide protection, recovery in the time window that is needed by the business and be cost effective.  It wouldn’t be wise to spend more to protect data than that data was worth, or to be able to recover data within seconds when a day or so is sufficient and much cheaper.

There may not be one right solution,
 but there is one place you can find the correct solution

I.T. Results will create a customized plan tailored to your specific business needs and budget.  We will implement that plan, monitor and test to insure that your plan will be reliable when it is needed whether it is needed next month, next year, or longer. I.T. Results will verify that the backups are being run, and will test to verify that you can indeed restore data from them on a regular basis.



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