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   September 2010 Newsletter

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Android Dangers
By Wayne Tow

Android has become the fastest selling Smartphone, outpacing the Iphone and eclipsing the Windows 8 phone. This has made the phone a more attractive target for cyber criminals.

A recent malware attack called OBAD has taken the attack on androids even farther. Once in place, it can take control of the phone receiving commands from a malicious control center for what ever purpose the criminals wish.  Not only that, you can't uninstall it because the code is controlling the normal functions of the phone.

On a good note, users have one opportunity to catch and stop the installation of OBAD.  before it can take control, it the end user must allow administrative access.  In this particular scenario, if the request is denied by the user, it will continue to pester them until they relent and give access.  Once access is granted, it becomes an ingrained part of the Android OS and will become invisible to the user.  Of course it still can steal contacts and other information on the phone, install and uninstall apps, access wifi and bluetooth all without the owner's knowledge.  Things such as banking apps become vulnerable to the malware.

Due to the nature of this malicious code, smart phones that have access to company data will place the security of the data at risk.

There are special removal procedures available to combat a OBAD infected android.

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