Core Business Services Overview

Managed Services

Improve up time, Proactively fix problems before they become an issue.  Fully managed backup, business continuity, Managed print services Take control of your I.T. before it takes control of you.

Balanced Billing

Keep I.T. costs predictable and manageable. Purchase a fixed number of hours each month and your unused hours are carried over for future use.

Public Cloud

Fully managed cloud services that form a synergy with onsite services and support. Full implementation and administration of Microsoft's Office 365 and can help you determine which offering is right for you.

Private Cloud

Private cloud utilizes cloud techniques and tools but delivers them only to your company; keeping you fully in control.

Business Continuity

Things happen, your response to them can make the difference between profitability and loss. Be prepared for adversity

Managed Backup

Your data is important to the life of your business. Keep it safe with a reliable and dependable fully managed and monitored backup

Managed Print Services

Reduce your printing costs let us manage your printers for you.  Services include Automatic just in time supplies replenishment, Repair services, Pay per Click options.

PCI compliance

Do you need help meeting PCI standards to protect customers credit card information.

Office 365

Office 365 gives you most of the Large Enterprise messaging capabilities for a very low price, but to fully use the service, you need I.T. administration.  Ask about our lights out solution to Office 365


Annual I.T. Review and planning session

Managed services will provide you with an annual planning meeting to advise you of changing technologies and how you can best take advantage of them. This planning meeting is included at no additional cost to managed services customers.


Our service offerings are designed to give you peace of mind: Operational 24/7 Monitoring of your equipment and systems

Consistent monthly expenses make budgets quick and easy Managed multi-tier backups help insure the safety of your data Cloud services are evaluated to insure that your data is only for you

Cloud Services

Determine the Cloud Services that makes sense to you Access your data anywhere and anytime Use the Cloud as one of the backup destinations for your managed backup

Stay connected and know the availability of your associates