Annual Technology assessment for Small / midsized business is a must

It is essential that small business owners sit back and review their use of technology and to determine how it is to be best used for their company.  Large corporate I.T. has always followed what I call the Lemming Syndrome to determine the direction and choice of products.  While some of the resulting choices can prove beneficial they are also limiting by not considering the best, most competitive solution for the company.  In the past years we have seen many startup companies product phenomenal results by taking a different path. On the other hand many companies striking out on their own path are now just historical footnotes.  Look at the trends, understand why they are trends and determine if those reasons apply to you.  See I.T. Results, state of I.T. for 2014 as a beginning point to determine which technologies might apply to you.

Clearly the Cloud is a factor in 2014 technology decisions, I haven't found a really unbiased comparison.  People seem to be either on board this way to the cloud heaven or they are on the outside this is a straight road to hell.  I have stated a comparision, but it is still a work in progress.  I find that i have to keep changing my bias pro and con to just wite this document..  See Small midsized company and the cloud  pro and con

New resource added - how to

How to start a company specifically for Texas based entrepreneurs is now available from the
 I.T. Results resource page

Windows "Blue" is coming
Windows 8 User interface


Windows 8 has been available for some time now, and Microsoft is already paving the way for the upgrade to Windows 8,code named   Blue,  My longevity in the I.T. field has been the result of not allowing personal preferences to get in my way when deciding the quality of a product.  Therefore, I am intentionally keeping an open mind about Windows 8.  I certainly think that with the drastic user interface changes in Windows 8, it would be better to wait for "Blue" to fix those things that Microsoft has found to be the most uncompetitive.  This is assuming that they are still a market driven organization.  I seriously don't believe that they will abandon Windows 8 but they will tough it out until the world just gets used to it.  Much like what they did with the Office Ribbon.  I do believe that I.T. departments will be slow to accept it in their companies but that employees who are out buying personal equipment will find it already installed and they will use it and get used to it.  Eventually the corporate world will catch up.


On the other hand, I wonder why Microsoft named their fix for windows 8 code blue.  It reminds me of a hospital show where someone is dying and everyone is running around yelling  "code blue".

Windows 8 has arrived

Windows 8 is now available. Users will find navigation in Windows 8 to be very different from previous versions of Windows. The business community is still waiting to see if the new interface will be accepted and if it will be as productive as the old interface. Windows 8 is a good release and will take some getting used to, we believe that most companies should wait and see how it is received by the community.

Windows XP is dead, long live Windows 7

Microsoft venerable Windows XP is approaching the official end of life. Companies that are still using Windows XP should plan to move to a newer and supported version of windows. While windows 8 is the current, shipping version of Windows, we believe that it may be a safer course to move to Windows 7 instead of making the leap to Windows 8 at this time.